Gondola is a meme. I host a website with webm/mp4 files for viewing this meme in video format: gondola.stravers.net.

Gondola is - to me - a companion observer when looking back in time. Gondola is the accompanying character that assumes either the self or acquaintances or friends from that time period. As such, it enhances the emotional connection to the image or video. It makes the content we view more impactful because there is a face associated with it. Even if we are not looking at a memory, Gondola reflects the potential people we could have met in the given situation, or it reflects our own being. Gondola allows us to have a consistent identifier across imagined scenarios.

There is no "correct" interpretation of Gondola. It is what you see in it.

The following is taken from KnowYourMeme, written by ylilauta user "Scary Pizza":

Gondola was not a mistake.

Gondolas are relaxed, harmless creatures that observe their environment. They rarely interfere anything, but just keep observing. They rarely talk, just look around and smile. This makes them very different from other creatures such as spurdo, that feel, Pepe, Yoba, etc.

Gondola is the silent walker. Having no hands he embodies the Taoist principle of wu-wei (non-action) while his smiling facial expression shows his utter and complete acceptance of the world as it is.

And from GondBoy:

Being the earliest instance of a post-ironic meme, Gondola reveals the path that lies between oblivion and nihilism. As Laozi says of the Tao in the Tao Te Ching, Gondola “acts without doing anything; and teaches without saying anything; things arise and it lets them come; things disappear and it lets them go; has but doesn't possess; acts but doesn't expect; when its work is done, it forgets it. That is why it lasts forever.” Gondola is the silent observer.

It's a meme that allows me to relax, unwind, and reminisce and be thankful for all the good that life has given so far.