Hello beautiful people!

I'll keep this brief. gondola.stravers.net is a site I no longer have any interest in maintaining. I'm paying €67.20 per year to host the site on a VPS and would like to free up the space for other things. It also takes me a lot of time to trawl through gondola threads, find the videos, upload them, respond to emails and comments about sources, and add them to the site.

I simply do not have the time or will to prioritize this anymore. Life moves on and I have to let this project go. It was a lot of fun getting your emails, there's so much love in this little online space.

If anyone is willing to host, I can help you out setting it up, and show you around in the code (it's relatively short). Beyond that, it's all yours to tinker with. I'm also thinking of setting up a proxy for video links so old links will continue working, and I want to redirect to your site if it's not a video link. Shoot me an email at gondola@stravers.net if you're up for it. The site uses no database and is coded in Rust, formerly in Racket.

The repository is available here: https://github.com/kstrafe/gondola-archive. You can download this archive including videos and sources here: https://gondola.stravers.net/files/misc/gondola.tar.gz

With much love, Kevin

PS: Big thanks to [Insert Name Here] (that's not a templating error that's their email name) for the sharding background image and the /list CSS update! That really added some polish to the site.

Here's the one gondola I've made myself.