I drink coffee so rarely that it feels like cocaine every time I do. Today I had myself a nice cup. With that energy I wrote PrivateMusicPlayer.

Why? Because music streaming services are unsatisfactory, and I want to stream my private collection of which some artists aren't available on said services.

I also want something utterly simple, SimpleLinearLists-based. We make playlists by applying a regex to the whole selection and that's it. Simple. Basic. Fast. Easy. NarrowWaist.

I've got 60 GB of music and can't host that on the cloud due to money. So instead of doing that why not stream from a home computer? On a public server (nginx): proxyPass = "http://localhost:22222", and from the home computer use ReverseSSHTunnel in a while loop (or systemd service) in case the connection breaks.

Regex-based playlist generation

Giant path tree in one pane, regex output in another.

Here's how it looks on desktop: (left list is filtered, right is unfiltered)

Here's how it looks on a phone:

I'm quite happy with it. Autoplay on the phone for in the car? Yes. That's 90% of my use case. Just need to add previoustrack media button functionality is all.