WikiBlog is a simple wiki generator that creates an index page with backlinks for each article. Inspired by WikiWikiWeb.

WikiBlog uses template files as input. These are just plain HTML files annotated with @ for linking within the wiki. Such a link looks like @MyLink, it only accepts alphanumeric sequences, and stops as soon as a non-alphanumeric character is encountered. To escape @ use @@.

The contents of a template file will be pasted into the corresponding HTML file's <body>. This happens after transforming @ to HTML links. These contents are not escaped. WikiBlog-internal links will be backreferenced at the bottom of each article.

Run the script in the root directory of the project to generate an HTML file for each article as well as an index page. Articles are searched for in the article directory.

Updating a website is as easy as rsyncing the entire directory to a server. This site generator is also git-friendly.